At Home with PeachBox Co.


The year of 2020 has brought a number of challenges to households across the country. Although there is an inability to gather, that doesn’t mean person-to-person connection cannot be fostered. Birthday parades now replace parties. Newborn family members now meet their extended families from outside car windows. And a call, text, and FaceTime can help you to reach those you miss in lieu of an in-person visit. 

Staying at home doesn’t necessarily mean disconnecting with yourself or with others. In fact, this can be the perfect time to reset and rejuvenate. PeachBox Co. provides the perfect avenue to do so. These home and wellness essentials can help you create a routine to reconnect with yourself and deliver much-needed products right to your doorstep. They’re also the perfect useful and curated gift to let someone know you’re thinking about them during social distancing. Here’s how PeachBox can help you while at home. 


Select the right box for you 

PeachBox Co. gift boxes have different themes specifically dedicated to wherever you’re at in life. 


  • Glam: Create an at-home spa right where you are. The items in this box are ones that you’ll love and use daily. 
    • Highlight: Jade Roller – the perfect way to decrease puffiness and under-eye circles
  • Wellness: Staying at home likely interrupted your routine – particularly your health and wellness routine! Use this box to devise a new one and dedicate yourself to self-care. 
    • Highlight: Embossed Soft Cover Notebook – take the time to journal some of your thoughts during this moment in history 
  • Welcome Home: Know someone who is sprucing up their house during this time? The Welcome Home kit is full of kitchen essentials and household goods. 
    • Highlight: Eco 8-Pack Stainless Steel Gold Straws – a small, reusable item that every kitchen should have to make it more sustainable 
  • Staycation: Make your #StayAtHome order a staycation instead! This box is packed with quality home essentials to make your space a relaxing experience. 
    • Highlight: Silver Satin Eye Mask – you need your beauty rest, and this will help you remain stylish while you get it!


Create a routine

If there’s one element of your life that’s been starkly adjusted in the last month or two, it’s been your routine. Routines help us to feel established in our daily schedule and to get a handle on the busyness we often surround ourselves with. During this time, you may be stepping back from the hustle and bustle you’re accustomed to and that’s okay! Integrating essential aspects of health and wellness like cooking, exercise, and self-care will ease the adjustment. You’re still filling your day, but you’re doing it with activities for you!

Treat yourself, treat others 

Who doesn’t love a package, especially in tough times? Having a PeachBox arrive on your doorstep is one way to treat yourself or to gift a little piece of wonderful to someone you love (a mom, grandma, sister or friend). Being pampered during this time with a few new extra items or tools that you can’t go out and buy is such a treat. All products are sustainable, USA made, and vegan, which means you can feel good about your purchases and know that they’re made-to-last quality.