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Sweet & Salty
Sweet & Salty
Sweet & Salty
Sweet & Salty

Sweet & Salty

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For the Cookbook lover who loves to entertain! Help them create memories this summer with the Sweet & Salty gift box that is designed to make their next summer night fun yet fancy. The Self-Care Cookbook embraces their mood through recipes as well as activities outside of the kitchen. Paired with delicious Brightland's Blackberry Balsamic Vinegar, Brightland's Wildflower Honey, and Dardiman's Pineapple Crisps.   This gift set is sure to make anyone a Cookbook lover!

RAPTURE is a raw balsamic vinegar double fermented with California Zinfandel grapes and ripe Triple Crown blackberries. RAPTURE is lovingly crafted on a nutrient-dense, family-run farm on California's Central Coast.

Ingredients: Vinegar (diluted with water to 5% acidity), Organic Cane Sugar, Triple Crown Blackberries

Kauai Wildflower Honey is our deeply hued amber honey with a molasses-like finish. Made from wild Hawaiian sources, including hibiscus, eucalyptus, coffee trees, papaya trees, passion flowers, and guava flowers.

In The Self-Care Cookbook, plant-based chef Gemma Ogston introduces us to eating as the ultimate form of self-care, whether you're a full-time vegan, flexitarian, or just looking for simple recipes developed with wellness in mind. Each recipe has been crafted to nurture your body and mind. Organized by some of the core goals of self-care routines--Restore, Rebalance, Reflect, and Renew.

The Self-Care Cookbook demonstrates countless ways to embrace your mood and understand your body's needs through recipes as well as activities outside of the kitchen.

Dardimans California signature pineapple crisps are their number one selling product. The chip-like texture is complemented by the incredibly flavorful combination of pineapples' sweetness and tartness. They pair perfectly with acai bowls, desserts, and yogurt.

Every order is carefully packaged to your satisfaction in our signature PEACHBOX Co. memento boxes, which are extremely rigid, highly sustainable, and make a beautiful storage piece for the home or office. Each gift goes out in a shipper box, so your PEACHBOX arrives in the most pristine condition.

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