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By The Fireplace is for those who love to indulge in the simple joys of the season. Whether it be a cozy Friday night or Sunday morning, you will likely find them with a hot cup of cocoa and their favorite blanket sitting by the fire, taking in all of the holiday magic, one sip at a time. Inspired by traditional Mexican cocoa, this gift box is for everyone!


Rated Best in America by Travel & Leisure and USA Today, make sure you get some Compartes EXTRA DARK HOT COCOA MIX before it's gone. With gorgeous gold foil adorned packaging and a starry night design, this hot cocoa will stand out on your shelves for its beautiful packaging and superlative taste and quality! 

Crafted from stainless steel with proprietary triple insulation, this vacuum-sealed wonder cup just doesn't quit. It keeps your beverages cold for 9+ hours and hot for 3. Stays cold even longer with drinks containing ice even out in the sun.

Includes 1 Tumbler + 1 Tumbler Lid

Slip-proof, silicone bottom
Easy-grip sides
Sliding, spill-resistant lid

Sweetened with real raspberries, this old-school pairing gets a fresh makeover with extra raspberries, dark chocolate, and less added sugar.

Organic Cocoa Beans, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Raspberries, Organic Vanilla

70% cocoa content | vegan
Made in the United States of America


The molinillo is a Mexican wooden whisk used to mix up and add froth to a batch of Mexican hot Chocolate. Simply roll the shaft between your palms to churn, mix, and foam the Chocolate. The molinillo is also great for muddling fruits and herbs in homemade cocktails! It's a pleasure to use or gift - and it's a guaranteed attention-grabber.

Villa Real chocolate from Oaxaca is made with simple ingredients of cocoa butter, sugar, almond, and other nuts and spices, resulting in the most delicious cup of Mexican Hot Chocolate you've ever tasted. Mix with warm milk and froth together with our handcrafted traditional molinillo. Includes five discs of Chocolate.

Cocoa butter, sugar, almond, nuts, and spices
Allergen statement: Includes nuts
Made in Mexico

WIT & DELIGHT best-selling notebook. Keeping it all in your head is canceled. Features 160 lined cream pages, 120 GSM paperweight, linen book bound, gilded edges, lay-flat binding, ribbon bookmark & interior back pocket.

Gifts are packaged in our signature PEACHBOX Co. memento boxes. These are highly rigid, highly sustainable, and make a beautiful storage piece for the home or office. Each gift goes out in a shipper box, so your PEACHBOX arrives in the most pristine condition.


Why choose us?


We focus on removing the work and stress from gifting so that you can focus on celebrating the moment! Our gift boxes are carefully hand-wrapped and shipped to your satisfaction -100% guaranteed.