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For your coffee-loving friends and family! This gift set includes the perfect items they need to make their favorite coffee at home and take it on the go! The Good Citizen Ceramic Tumbler if they like their coffee warm, or the Good Citizen Iced Coffee tumbler, a stainless steel scoop & clip spoon, Orange Ginger sugar cubes, and best-selling house blend coffee from Kaldi's. 


Scoop the perfect amount of coffee for your morning brew and seal your bag to keep your beans/grounds fresh longer with this two-in-one stylish tool. Makes the perfect gift for coffee lovers. 

This tumbler is a stylish and responsible solution to disposable cups. Made of durable ceramic with a removable matte protective silicone sleeve, this reusable, portable, and dishwasher-safe tumbler will be your new favorite.

Please Note: The ceramic tumbler and silicone sleeve are warm to the touch with a hot drink inside.

These small batch artisan coffee sugar cubes combine pure cane sugar and premium ingredients, enticing you to stir a perfectly flavored craft cup of coffee. Each flavor is wonderfully unique and developed in collaboration with BANG Candy, a Nashville-based sugar-peddler specializing in whimsical confections. Individual tubes yield 30 cubes.

Ingredients: Pure Cane Sugar, Cold Pressed Ginger, Orange Zest, Ground Ginger

Vegan Friendly

Take your coffee everywhere with Good Citizen's Iced Coffee Tumbler. This glass and silicone tumbler is the perfect accessory for all your cold brew and hydration needs - after your cup of coffee, you can easily rinse it out and use this tumbler as a water bottle. Pair with our water bottle ice cubes to keep your coffee chilled and not dilute your perfect brew. 12 oz Glass Tumbler


Cafe Kaldi has been our house blend since we opened up our doors in 1994 and started roasting in our DeMun location. It is a blend of two roasts - one more developed to bring out deep sweetness, the other less to add complexity - that results in a perfectly balanced cup.

Like all of our blends, the components of Cafe Kaldi change throughout the year based on fresh arrivals and seasonality. What doesn't change is our roasting philosophy that there is beauty in balance and in a cup that tastes great to both those who are new to specialty coffee and veterans alike.

Gifts are packaged in our signature PEACHBOX Co. memento boxes. These are extremely rigid, highly sustainable, and make a beautiful storage piece for the home or office. Each gift goes out in a shipper box, so your PEACHBOX arrives in the most pristine condition.

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We focus on removing the work and stress from gifting so that you can focus on celebrating the moment! Our gift boxes are carefully hand-wrapped and shipped to your satisfaction -100% guaranteed.