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After all of the tasks and of the day, it's time for some self-care indulgence. It's probably been a while since they visited their favorite spa, but guess what, now you can bring the luxe spa feels to their home. Packed with everything needed to get the lux and pamper an oasis offers, take a deep breath and relax! This gift box is the perfect way to send the gift of Zen! 


Deep dive into your skin's greatest potential. Aqua sheet mask contains Seawater and Plankton extract to:


Key Ingredients :
Deep-Sea Water

Moisturizing, packed with healthy skin-friendly minerals, such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium, Plankton Extract, Hydrating & revitalizing, derived from algae and seaweed.

Dewy skin that emulates the gentle, creamy properties of milk is possible in under 20 minutes.
Our moisturizing microfiber Milk sheet mask is formulated with milk protein essence to: •Moisturize •Exfoliate •Replenish

Key Ingredients :
Milk Extract
Elasticizing & nourishing, rich in vitamins, calcium, and additional powerful antioxidants
Ceramides. Exfoliating & hydrating, essential lipid molecules that form a protective skin layer that retains moisture and adds plumpness, Violet Flower, Moisturizing, flowering plant with medicinal efficacies.

Bye-bye dry. Hello Hand Cream! Infused with one of the Paddywax signature fragrances, this delicious blend is packaged in a metal tube within a soft-sliding box - truly setting the tone for the smoothest, best-smelling hands. about the fragrance - (fresh) a sophisticated mix of fresh herbs, soft musk, and a hint of vanilla

Find your center with your favorite essential oils and new curated blends. You can rest easy knowing all Paddywax essential oils are 100% pure, with absolutely NO synthetic fragrances, diluting oils, or artificial coloring. Beautifully packaged and powerfully fragrant, you're sure to find a myriad of benefits to enjoy from this collection.

Protect yourself from light disturbance and enjoy a night's sleep like never before, all while looking chic! The eye mask is soothing and age preventing by helping with fine lines and wrinkles caused from sleeping.

A beautiful, fluffy, satin scrunchie makes a luxurious addition to their hair accessories collection.This extra complete PEACHBOX CO. design creates a soft scrunch when tied into the hair. Scrunchies are handmade using quality fabric and hand-finished for an exquisite handmade product. Made with durable elastic, they are gentle on all hair types, helping to reduce pulling or snagging and breakage.

Inspired by native cypress trees, cozy fireplaces, and the feeling of togetherness, Cypress & Fir blends curated artisan vessels and unique illustrations. Each piece, from hand-blown glass, to matte textured ceramics, is designed to evoke a sense of holiday cheer that carries throughout the season. Cypress & Fir is a delicate fragrance with notes of frosted fir needle, white eucalyptus, and crushed pine cone to bring the aroma of a fresh forest into your home.


Gifts are packaged in our signature PEACHBOX Co. memento boxes, these are extremely rigid, highly sustainable and make a beautiful storage piece for the home or office. Each gift goes out in a shipper box so your PEACHBOX arrives in the most pristine condition.

Why choose us?


We focus on removing the work and stress from gifting so that you can focus on celebrating the moment! Our gift boxes are carefully hand-wrapped and shipped to your satisfaction -100% guaranteed.