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    Tee Box
    Tee Box
    Tee Box
    Tee Box
    Tee Box

    Tee Box

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    Is it almost tee time? This box has everything your dad will need for his day trip, including golf socks, a journal, fennel gum, and Riverine non-alcoholic spirits. A thoughtful box like this will get him prepped and ready to own the green.


    AMASS - Riverine Non-Alcoholic Spirit
    As seen in Vanity Fair, Vogue, and Food52 Riverine is a refined non-alcoholic spirit that encapsulates the lush landscape of the Pacific Northwest’s temperate rainforest.

    Distilled with a regional blend of botanicals, it takes its cues from culinary practice for a distinct finish. Coniferous notes from Juniper are brightened by Sumac, Sorrel, Lemon Peel, and Apple, while Thyme, Mint, and Parsley lend a rich herbal earthiness. Each botanical is individually distilled in a proprietary hydrosteam distillation process to extract essential oils for a crisp and evergreen flavor profile reminiscent of the towering firs and coastal mountains of British Columbia.

    Soxfords - "Golf Hazard" Men's Socks
    Crafted from our soft pima cotton-blend on exclusive "200 needle" knitting machines, these green birds-eye pattern socks have a classic style humorously highlighted by an intricately embroidered golfer and gator scene. It takes time to get these styles just right - there's a fine line between lighthearted and novelty. Our socks make the grade by merging a fun personality with serious style - socks you'll be proud to show off! Finished with wide ribbed cuffs and extra stretch for comfort. Color: green Size: one size men's (fits US Men's 8 - 13 in extraordinary comfort)

    Letterfolk - Round of Golf Passport
    Designed to capture and encourage experiences, each passport contains 20 entry logs with relevant form fields to help capture meaningful details of each theme-specific experience. Specs: acid-free 60lb text, stippled cover, foil stamped, center-sewn binding. Size: 3.5” x 5.5”

    Simply Gum - Fennel
    Known for its palate-cleansing properties, fennel freshens breath, while offering a hint of sweetness.

    PEACHBOX CO. | MEDIUM Very Chic Hide, Premium Gift Box

    Every order is carefully packaged to your satisfaction in our signature PEACHBOX Co. memento boxes, which are extremely rigid, highly sustainable, and make a beautiful storage piece for the home or office. Each gift goes out in a shipper box, so your PEACHBOX arrives in the most pristine condition.