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Entertaining again? Curate a meal full of memories with vivacious charcuterie boards of all styles. Inspired by gatherings big and small, The Board is designed to make their next at-home night fun yet fancy! The Savor Book will guide them through the art and pleasure of beautifully composed charcuterie boards—demystified and made simple, with over 100 creative recipes! Paired with a delicious Raspberry & Chilli Jam and Garlic Infused Olive Oil by Society Of Lifestyle. Chic gold and black cheese knives set and mini serving board by Be Home, and last but not least, Fresh Italian Cheese Making kit by Farmstead, this box is sure to make anyone a Board lover!


Hand washes with mild soap.
Avoid citrus-based detergents or abrasives to preserve a unique finish.
Handcrafted in India

Nicolas Vahé's popular and exceptional oils are made from 100% extra virgin olive oil with exciting spices. Enjoy this aromatic olive oil with garlic for a good piece of lamb, grilled meats, or enhance the flavor of your favorite salad.

Made in France

A Comprehensive Guide to Serving Boards. The art and pleasure of beautifully composed charcuterie boards—demystified and made simple!
Serving boards possess an uncanny ability to mirror the mood of a host and transform a room's ambiance as friends and family gather around them to both eat and enjoy time together. Savor details lavishly how to create memorable and delicious serving boards, no matter the season or the occasion. Expert advice and insights provide strategies and approaches for composing boards that balance flavor profiles and textures, using elegant and inventive recipes.
Inside You'll Find:
- Expert Advice and Recipes from Murray's Cheese, Publican Market, The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills, Lady & Larder, Mike's Hot Honey, Blake Hill Preserves, Esters Wine Shop & Bar, and Vermont Creamery
- Practical & Delicious Guides on how to pair cheeses, meats, condiments, and an array of other ingredients that can be used on serving boards. Also included are suggested drink pairings.
- Over 100 Recipes for crackers and bread, preserves, pickles, flavored nuts, dips, spreads, some bigger bites, and even desserts
Elevate your home entertaining with Savor!

With their distinct grains and earthy hues, Be Home olive wood pieces only grow more vibrant with age. These durable beauties are hand-carved from a single piece of wood and even oil themselves over time. Be Home olive wood is sourced solely from protected Tunisian groves and supports planting new trees with each harvest.
Handcrafted from raw olive wood
Sustainably sourced supports the planting of new trees with every harvest of Ultra-strong wood. It gets more beautiful with age.

Make some of the richest and creamiest cheeses you'll ever taste. Includes equipment and ingredients to make mozzarella, burrata, ricotta, and mascarpone. All you need is milk. All the ingredients in the kit are good for at least 18 months. Makes eight batches of cheese. Included in the Italian Fresh Cheese Making Kit: Cheese Basket, Thermometer, Cheese Cloth, Vegetable Rennet, Citric Acid, Cheese Salt.



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